We love working with KMC. Smart, sensitive and hard working! Highest marks and recommends. We have enjoyed working with KMC and I have said, and will continue to say, that this has been one of the easiest construction projects that I have ever witnessed. Truly am appreciative to the team and the subcontractors for the quality work.
Peter S. Seibert
I worked with KMC Partners on the construction of our global flagship design studio on Fifth Avenue, New York. During the process, Josh and Jamie were our trusted advisors we were confident that they could make our vision come to life.

Managing a project with stakeholders around the world, across different time zones and during a global pandemic was no mean feat. Through it all, the open communication, Josh and Jamie’s collaborative spirit and the expertise of their team made our regular meetings the highlight of my week.

For Brickworks, as a building product manufacturer, it was especially important for our products to take center stage in the space KMC Partners created. The care and attention taken during design and installation of our products is truly world class; befitting a showroom to rival any of our luxurious neighbors including Prada, Armani and Louis Vuitton.

We are delighted with how the design studio turned out and it is sure to be a shining jewel on Fifth Avenue for many years to come.
Lara Robertson
KMC Partners offer a unique construction management business that focus’ on client’s success. Our client who is expanding from Australia into North American has been able to navigate all obstacles thanks to Josh Kuzma and Jamie McDonald’s collaborative foresight and professionalism. Their ability to quickly comprehend and immerse themselves into projects are skills we hope you can experience. We are based in Australia and have effortlessly worked with KMC Partners across multiple American States with great respect and admiration. Our journey will continue with KMC Partners, and we recommend you explore and test your unique requirements with Josh & Jamie, allowing you to also build with confidence.
Darren Hose
I have served as Jamie and Josh’s business consultant for the year before they started KMC Partners. From the start, I was impressed by their professionalism in planning for their business. They were clearly passionate about their work and clients. Throughout the process of starting the company, they were exceptionally organized and moved forward swiftly. They have a true partnership complementing each other’s expertise, skills, and aptitudes. As a result, they have been among my most impressive clients.
Erika Tapp Duran