Chuck Nawoj

The pre-construction services that Josh and his company were on board for brought a strong collaborative mentality into the traditional Owner/Architect/Contractor arrangement and carried that throughout the construction process.

From the review of the SD drawings and the initial cost estimate, it was clear that Josh and his team's knowledge of the industry was invaluable. They were able to use this knowledge to bridge the owner and architect sensibilities by working with us to both plan out certain aspects of the project and submit pricing estimates for specific materials and construction details. For example, during the design process, they brought a millworker to our office to review the various architectural concepts we had for a feature wall in the space. As a result, we were able to work with the specific trade prior to finalizing the design to provide suggestions about constructability and detailing. This provided to be very efficient for the design team and provided more concrete pricing for the client.

During construction, there was always a consideration for the architecture in conjunction with the schedule and budget of the client. Josh and his team would make sure to include the architect in discussions when design and construction challenges arose. This ability to bring the parties together and understand what was important for each of them is a tremendous strength that can be seen in the high-quality finished product that Josh's team delivered.

An example of this was when Josh's team proposed a variation on an interior curtain wall design that differed from the original design. The team worked together to develop a solution that was both easier to construct and maintained the design sensibilities that we, as the architect, cared about. In the end, this type of collaboration provided a more clean and aesthetically pleasing solution than the original design. We valued this willingness to bring the contractor, sub-contractor, and architect together to determine the best approach to satisfy all parties.